The 2014 FIFA World Cup


After a Götze Extra Time Performance, Germany is the 2014 FIFA World Cup Champions

It took 113 minutes for Germany to find the net thank to substitute Götze. Fitting Götze, the late substitute for top World Cup goal scorer Klose, netted the World Cup winner

With all the final bonuses up for grabs, the final standings took a big shuffle. Bonus points were awarded for the contestants who correctly predicted the 2014 World Cup Champion (5pts for Germany), and have the runner-up Argentina (3pts) and World Cup winner Germany (5pts) amongst their selections.

Congratulations to our first place winner, Babyjack, who seemed to net all the points, when the ball was placed on the spot.

Well Done, SA5H, who, for the second time finished runner up in the World Cup pool

The stars must have aligned asGrande Cara sneaked into the third place prize spot.

A special Thank You to everyone that participated. This World Cup has been a lot of fun and couldn't have been without you. Hopefully, we will see you in four years, if not sooner.

  • First: $375
  • Second: $150
  • Third: $75